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Freezer tapes

Ukrainian manufacturer KHASK LTD produces freezer tapes. This is special adhesive tapes designed for operation at low temperatures. This material perfectly glues paper, metals, film, etc., and at the same time maintain adhesive properties at temperatures up to -45 ° C.

Freezer tape was developed specially for industries where fast fixation of any objects is required at temperatures much lower 0°С.


Freezer tape is of a great demand among freezer manufacturers, where it is needed to fix the longitudinal and transversal tubes of evaporators. Scotch allows you to do this quickly, but simple tapes do not work at such low temperatures. Freezer tape is used for proper adherence of these tubes without slits and voids.

In addition, freezer tape buyers are manufacturers of frozen and cooled products.

Freezer tapes in Ukraine

Self-adhesive packaging tapes known as the most often used product for any goods transporting. However, there are such types of products and raw materials that are stored only at 0 ° C and below. For their transportation refrigerators (special wagons), where low temperature maintained are used. Usual adhesive packaging tapes is not practical in such conditions. In this regard, the companies production associated with this type of transportation prefer to use freezer tape.