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"KHASK-FLEX" Company

"KHASK-FLEX" Company is

  • Professional designer department 

  • Own film production of LDPE, EVA, LLDPE, mLLDPE and mixture with MDPE, HDPE 

  • The use of the several lamination technological processes (solvent or solventless lamination) enables to create the packing material with different application properties. 

  • A unique printing complex enables to produce a wide range of the packing material by means of both flexo- and rotoprinting. 

  • Technical staff have a long experience of work with different printing equipment. 

  • The quality control system of all technological processes: from incoming goods inspection to the final product packaging 

  • The shipment of the finished goods all over the CIS countries 

  • Our sales representatives are always ready to visit your enterprise at any convenient for you time and offer a full range of the possibilities 

  • Optimal prices, discount system, and deferred payments provide our clients and us with a great opportunity to develop.

The packing materials are produced by the company on the basis of single- and multilayer composition of BOPP, MOPP, CPP, PET, PE, and others.

  • Materials for packing products of grocery group (single- and multilayer materials on the basis of BOPP or CPP) 

  • Film for snacks (two- or three-layer films on the basis of PET with metal coating or aluminium foil) 

  • Films for the confectionary products with twist-effect or for flow-pack package 

  • Materials for package of spices 

  • Tea and coffee packs 

  • Bags on the basis of CPP films to pack bread, with or without perforation holes 

  • Multilayer films to pack liquid products (mayonnaise, ketchup) 

  • Films for products subjected to freeze-quenching 

  • Materials to pack household chemistry and wash powders 

  • BOPP films with printing for labels on the bottle 

  • Films with printing for vacuum packing 

  • A large variety of the finished bags including stand-up pouch and bags with zip-lock

We are ready to use Cold Seal in accordance with the client’s requirements: solid layer, striping, or by frame.

It is also possible to use mat varnish to the finished pack printed on the usual BOPP or PET film by solid layer or selectively. 

We will create a composite material for the correct package of Your product!

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