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It is a flexible flat package with a stable bottom. Field of application of this package is very wide. Laminates is used to make the barrier properties. These materials usually consist of easy to print the outer layer of PET, as well as the inner plastic layer that provides the stability and the possibility of sealing. Between these two layers a layer of aluminum foil is often applied, which is actually a 100% barrier for water, gas and packet contents, which guarantees a significant increase in the shelf life of products. "Doy-pack" is truly universal, as it is easy to pack with liquid and difficult fluids products (drinks, juices, wine, mayonnaise, ketchup, sour cream, as well as liquid soap, gel, detergents), loose and dusty material (dried fruits, nuts, cookies, chips, coffee, tea, cleaning or washing powder, etc..). Package can be equipped with side handle and fitting.