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To pack bakery products we use one-layer film from 15 to 40 mm with external printing. It may be both polypropylene and cast-polypropylene material. In addition to good visible properties of the material it has a bright look and informs a buyer about the expiration date, manufacturer, and content. To pack hot bakery products it is preferable to use perforated film materials. We provide material with perforation. The hole diameter of the perforated material equals second decimal millimeter, so that the product "breathes". If the product is packed in cool condition, it is enough to use the film with perforation of small space for the package flow-pack type in order to increase the sell by date of the bakery products as well as to give the product an opportunity to "breathe". The package of the bakery products should be fast, safe, economic, and quality. We provide all these properties by means of the individual approach to the choice of the material depending on the packing machine of the client.