This category of products includes candies, chocolate, marmalade, caramel, nougat, wafers, roll cakes, muffins, biscuits, and many other sweet confectionaries. The confectionary production is very miscellaneous that it should be divided into several subcategories: 

  • Candies. The main task of the individual package for candies is an attractive appearance and a high performance of the filling machines. The one-layer material such as PVC with twist-effect is used for the package. It is a polymeric packing material having "memory" during the overtwist, and also high glitter and polish

  • Roll cakes and muffins are products with high content of moisture, so the package should have high moisture resistance

  • Biscuits and wafers are products with low content of moisture and high content of fat, therefore the package should provide a high moisture resistance and low gas permeation because oxygen has a negative influence on fats which are in the product.