This category of products may include dry mixtures and herbs, laurel lea, whole pepper and powdered pepper, flavors, flavor additives, dry jelly, gelatin, and instant food. This category of the production may belong to the group of snacks according to the requirements of the physicochemical properties of the package. The peculiarity is that the production may be used several times, and therefore the task of the package is to provide the protection of the product against the external actions within certain period of the product usage even after the integrity damage of the packing material and air-tightness of the bag. To solve this task we use double-, triple-composite material on the basis of aluminum foil which prevents moisture, keeps aroma and properties of spices. We can offer double-layer barrier combination consisting of polyethyleneterephthalate and polyethylene with rather high barrier and moisture-resistant properties for less aromatic dry mixtures and jelly.